About Me

Hi there, thanks for looking over my site, and you’ve made it this far, so I guess you must like my work. I’m a people person, I love to get to know people. So if you like my work please feel free to pick up the phone or drop me an email, because us photographers we tend to get pretty comfortable in our own dark editing rooms and need a calling from the outside world once in a while to keep us sane. Well at least stop us going completely nuts.

I’m a completely self taught photographer, I’ve always been a creative, Way back when I was a teenager I played multiple musical instruments, was singing, acting and even dancing! 10 years ago I was studying to be a chef and then worked in some of the best kitchens in London. I loved food (can’t you see my belly) but I realised that world wasn’t for me as a career. I needed to let my creative juices flow again, like I had as a teen. I picked at the time my only camera and started taking pictures of literally EVERYTHING.

I became fond of certain genres, and less fond of others. I particularly liked capturing images of people and food, which I guess pointed my way to where I am now, shooting Advertising portraits, imaging tasty plates of food and also some product along the way. I should say here while I talk about what I do like, I don’t do Landscapes for me they lack the character that I love from people and even food ( maybe that’s cause I was a chef).

About My Work

I’ve been really lucky to work with the clients I do, and the locations I get to visit . Allot of my work is with charities, I’ve worked with the likes of British Heart Foundation, Compassion, and Doctors without Borders (MSF). In places ranging from Huge Entertainment venues like the O2 Arena to refugee camps I even did one shoot on a British War Ship. Working with MSF in La Jungle refugee camp in calais in fact gave me inspiration for one of my personal projects Ordinary People : Extraordinary Circumstances

Other commissions include K-Swiss, Gary “V” @ VeynerMedia and the UK Government. Plus many More.

I take most things in my stride always aiming for the sharpest, most story telling images, and so ask that you contact me about any kind of project you have coming up, so I can see if I can help you. I like to keep myself occupied with shoots in my down times to keep honing my skills, and creating art, recently I’ve started working on a collection of Artistic Nudes as another personal project, this time to capture the true beauty of nature.

I also like to help the next generation of creatives, after having a tough few years myself, I teach young people how to be strong as a creative and not be made to feel useless when someone doesn’t dig your work. I help them learn to shoot too, and take great pride in sharing my experience from my Adobe Photoshop Accreditation.

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